Fequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I add neighbors?

A. You can add neighbors by going to the add friend icon next to the Com2us hub button on the left and adding them there. You can also search them up for particular friends.

Q. How do I earn stars?

A. You can earn stars by leveling up (which earns 3 stars) or you can download the TapJoy app and completing the free/money offers.

Q. How do I send gifts?

A. By tapping on the letter icon on the top left then to the Free Gift, you can send free gifts to all your friends.

Q. What if I want to send a personal gift to a friend?

A. If you'd like to send a personal gift to a friend, go to the letter icon on the top left side of the screen, select send message and pick whatever gift you were planning to send to a friend.

Q. Help I'm being attacked by an animal what do I do?

A. Dont worry it's fairly simple to defeat it. Just tap on the small icon above it and it should be gone in 2-4 hits.

For anyone who needs help on Magic Tree, feel free to ask any question they have down below and someone will get to you when they can.

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