Welcome to the Magic Tree Wikia Giveaway Event! Here is where we will be holding giveaway events during game events or holidays so please stay tuned in the Com2uS Hub wall or check here to see when it's open.



1.  You have to sign up for a wiki account, with your in game name.

2.  Comment below! If your wiki account name is different from your in game name, please state your ign with your comment.

3.  Only one entry per giveaway so if you try to put yourself down more than once, it will not count. This also includes other accounts you have made.

4.  No harrassing other players if they win. Remember this is done for by a random number generator so everyone has a fair chance of winning.

5.  Have fun! If you don't win this month, don't worry! There's always next month to try to win.

  • If you win: In order to receive your prize, you must be willing to add someone, and if it is a sub account, don't hesitate to delete it afterwards.

Check out last month's winners!

Giveaway Event: 

  • First Place Prize: 200 stars (spend limit over 10 stars) on giftable items
  • Second Place Prize: Hyena, Panda, Fox, Boar, Sheep
  • Third Place Prize : 4 Giftable boxes of your choice


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