So you're new to the world of Magic Tree! This guide will summarise what happens in each level.

Starting out

Level 1

You meet Ahri, your friendly neighbour! She tells you what to do, plant some carrots, apple trees, some decorations, and you will level up in no time!

Level 2

Now, you are introduced to more things, tomatoes and more trees, including your very first magic tree! Mix the seeds for your tree, plant everything, then you get your first tool, an axe! Use it to cut down trees in your village, chase away wild animals that suddenly appear, plant a decoration and play set, and after all that, you eat some yummy food in your bag to build up stamina!

Level 3 You get more crops and trees, broccoli crop and mango and pear tree! Now you get a building, a farm! After building, buy a little cute yellow chick and feed it! After that hard ork, eat some lovely steak in your bag. Why not come over to Ahri's town? Say hi, and harvest some crops!

Level 4 Cut down some more trees in your village! Then plant some carrots to hopefully get a carrot collection, and eat some more! Hmmm, your town needs a bit of organising! Put in some fences and curved fences to make it more neat and lovely. Now you get your second magic tree, Yellow Tree! You also need to harvest your red tree and hopefully get a jelly seed!Thought there were no crops to be introduced, there is! Plant some pumpkins, which take a long time, but well worth it! You want friends do you? Send a friend request! And then, send them a friendly gift by sending them well, a gift!

Level 5

Now you know how fun this can be, why not write a review! It will help the community! Get a second building too! The Clothing Store. Build it, and get some lovely clothes! Add 2 more decorations, and rest on that bench! Cut down some trees, to make space for your crop and organic and normal trees! Look in your bag! You have a magic seed box! Mix the seeds and hope for a good result! And to finish off level 5, help out a friend by fertilising their trees and crops!

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