You can mix seeds using the Recipe Book to get some of these trees.

Grade S Trees

Tree Name Seed Drop Seed Grade
Volcano Tree Rainbow Seed A
Sky Tree Bubble Seed A
Joker Tree Random Seed A~C
Angel Tree Angel Seed B
Devil Tree Devil Seed B
Balloon Tree Balloon Seed A
Kiss Tree Random Seed B
Hera Tree Tiara Seed A
Zeus Tree Crown Seed A
White Rabbit Tree Watch Seed A

Grade A Trees

Tree Name Seed Drop Seed Grade
Cookie Tree Gingerman Seed A
Rudolph Tree Antler Seed A
Mandrake Lightning Seed A
Jewelry Tree Stone Seed A
Lightning Tree Sand Seed A
Snowman Tree Glove Seed A
Skull Tree Skull Seed B
Fairy Tree Fairy Seed ​B
Wand Tree Quill Seed ​B
Spade Tree Spade Seed A
Ice Flower Tree Ice Seed A
Bouquet Tree Petal Seed A
Cupid Tree Arrow Seed A
Pink Leaf Tree Pink Leaf Seed A
Poseidon Tree Wave Seed A
Athena Tree Shield Seed A
Hephaestus Tree Axe Seed A
Tinker Bell Tree Powder Seed A
Rapunzel Tree Comb Seed A
Pumpkin Carriage Tree Pumpkin Seed A

Grade B Trees

Tree Name Seed Drop Seed Grade
Tropical Tree Cloud Seed A
Sunflower Darkness Seed A
Sweet Tree Gold Seed A
Heart Tree Heart Seed B
Cream Cake Tree Cream Seed A
Candle Tree Candle Seed B
Vase Tree Flower Seed B
Twinkle Bell Tree Bell Seed B
Snowflake Tree Snowflake Seed B
Christmas Tree Note Seed B
Butterfly Tree Butterfly Seed B
Diamond Tree Diamond Seed B
Deco Tree Leaf Seed B
Cherry Mousse Tree Fork Seed B
Jelly Tree Ribbon Seed B
Love Letter Tree Letter Seed B
Gift Tree Ring Seed B
Jack and Beanstalk Tree Magic Bean Seed B

Grade C Trees

Tree Name Seed Drop Seed Grade
Red Tree Jelly Seed B
Yellow Tree Sun Seed B
Choco Fudge Tree Choco Seed B
Lovely Tree Love Seed B
Icecream Tree Icecream Seed B
Lollipop Tree Candy Seed B
Spiral Tree Pink Star Seed B
Clover Tree Clover Seed B
Chocolate Cake Tree Bread Hat Seed B
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