The Mischievous Fairy Costume is an available magic costume at the Sewing House.
  • This costume is a combination of other costumes put together to give a different effect.

Success rates depend on the parts used for the costume.

Mischievous Fairy Costume Effects

10% chance to get a random box when harvesting Joker Trees.

Coins obtained in town will increase by 200%.

Collections to Complete

  •  Dress: Sweetie Dress: Angel Tree, Spade Tree, Cupid Tree, Jewelry Tree, Sweet Tree
  •  Hat: Shurani Hat: Sky Tree, Ice Flower Tree, Jelly Tree, Snowflake Tree, Twinkle Bell Tree
  •  Mask: Amor Mask: Kiss Tree, Love Letter Tree, Wand Tree, Candle Tree, Heart Tree
  •  Wing: Jester Elf Wing: Joker Tree, Lightning Tree, Skull Tree, Spade Tree, Wand Tree
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