Fruit Tree Seeds

Seed Name Dropped By Seed Grade
Apple Seed Apple Tree C
Pomegranate Seed Pomegranate Tree C
Plum Seed Plum Tree C
Pear Seed Pear Tree C
Mango Seed Mango Tree C
Grapefruit Seed Grapefruit Tree C
Banana Seed Banana Tree C
Papaya Seed Papaya Tree C
Coconut Seed Coconut Tree C
Blueberry Seed *Blueberry Tree B
Cherry Seed Cherry Tree B
Orange Seed Orange Tree B
Walnut Seed Walnut Tree B
Lemon Seed Lemon Tree B
Peach Seed Peach Tree B
Lime Seed Lime Tree B

Author's Note: *Blueberry Trees are the only fruit tree that costs stars to get. The blueberry seed itself is obtainable through mixing seeds.

Recipe Seeds

Seed Name Made with Seed Grade
Moon Seed Tears + Flame + Angel S
Wing Seed Balloon + Light + Letter S
Flame Seed Ghost + Skull + Devil A
Ghost Seed Choco + Pink Star + Cherry A
Joker Seed Clover + Diamond + Spade A
Light Seed Ice + Diamond + Lightning A
Silver Seed Butterfly + Quill + Bell A
Tears Seed Silver + Snowflake + Note A

Magic Tree Seeds

Grade A

Seed Name Dropped By Seed Grade
Antler Seed Rudolph Tree A
Arrow Seed Cupid Tree A
Axe Seed Hephaestus Tree A
Ice Seed Ice Flower Tree A
Cream Seed Cream Cake Tree A
Darkness Seed Sunflower Tree A
Gingerman Seed Cookie Tree A
Lightning Seed Mandrake Tree A
Petal Seed Bouquet Tree A
Pink Leaf Seed Pink Leaf Tree A
Rainbow Seed Volcano Tree A
Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Carriage Tree A
Sand Seed Lightning Tree A
Stone Seed Jewelry Tree A
Wave Seed Poseidon Tree A

Grade B

Seed Name Dropped By Seed Grade
Angel Seed Angel Tree B
Bell Seed Twinkle Bell Tree B
Bread Hat Seed Chocolate Cake Tree B
Butterfly Seed Butterfly Tree B
Candle Seed Candle Tree B
Candy Seed Lollipop Tree B
Choco Seed Choco Fudge Tree B
Clover Seed Clover Tree B
Diamond Seed Diamond Tree B
Fairy Seed Fairy Tree B
Flower Seed Vase Tree B
Fork Seed Cherry Mousse Tree B
Heart Seed Heart Tree B
Icecream Seed Icecream Tree B
Jelly Seed Red Tree B
Leaf Seed Deco Tree B
Letter Seed Love Letter Tree B
Love Seed Lovely Tree B
Magic Bean Seed Jack and Beanstalk Tree B
Note Seed Christmas Tree B
Pink Star Seed Spiral Tree B
Ribbon Seed Jelly Tree B
Ring Seed Gift Tree B
Snowflake Seed Snowflake Tree B
Skull Seed Skull Tree B
Sun Seed Yellow Tree B
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